Monday, March 22, 2010

A Move for a stable community

The Company of Saint Dominic,  held its first ever General Chapter, last March 13, 2010 at Santa Catalina College Legarda. The said event was done to discuss certain things for the ratification of te Constitutions (Chapter 1) and to elect the Institute's Supreme Moderator. among of those present were REv. Fr. Sanny De Claro, CSD Minister Prefect and Sr. Miriam Litor, O.P., CSD Formatress, together with the members of the Council. It started with the Celebration o the Holy Mass ona small chapel of Sta. Catalina at second floor, Fr. De CLaro, officiated the Mass an had emphasized the importance of invoking the guidance of the Holy Spirit before electing an officer. After the Mass, Fr. De Claro led the Procession towards the conclave-like room where Council Members would stay. He, likewise closed the doors, while the remaining members returned to the chapel to have a vigil.

Dr. Anthony Bermudez, O.P. led the election process. And the result was eight of  the Council Members voted Prof. Nestor Limqueco, O.P. While the remaining two were in favor of Atty. Marwil Llasos, O.P.

After the election, Prof. Limqueco thanked the council for their trust and asked the members not only to pray for him, but to help him in his governance. "Every decision i'll make" He said, "will pass through the council before hand".

Prof. Nestor Limqueco,O.P. was a pioneer member of the debunk dominican secular institute initiated by the late Rev. Fr. Pablo Fernandez, O.P., he is also one of the prime movers for re-establishing the same secular institute, now known as "The Company of Saint Dominic".

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