Saturday, June 26, 2010


Philippine Dominican Prior Provincial - Rev. Fr. Quirico Pedregosa Jr. ,OP(center) blessed the CSD Dominican Scapulars with Prof. Harold Eugenio, OP holding the blessing rite (Left) and Mr. Adrian Tambuyat, OP (right) carrying the scapulars.

"Behold the Habit of your Order" said the Blessed Mother to Blessed Reginald, OP referring to a white scapular. The Dominican scapular is considered as the holiest part of the habit of the Dominicans since it was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. Concurrent with the Philippine Independence Day, As Dominican Seculars, members of the Company of Saint Dominic had their investiture of the Dominican scapulars at Bahay Dominiko, 2pm. It has been a very memorable day where all that comprised the community, namely, Consecrated Lay Members, Diocesan Cleric (In the person of Rev. fr. Rey Reyes, OP) and Associate Members participated in the said event, together with the Mass Celebrant, The Philippine Dominican Prior Provincial, Very Rev. Fr. Quirico Pedregosa, Jr., O.P. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by our Diocesan Cleric Affiliate - Rev. Fr. Rey Reyes, O.P.. After the Eucharistic Celebration, Atty. Marwil Llasos, O.P., CSD Council Member, expressed words of gratitude to Fr. Pedregosa in his mutual love for the Institute. The Community had a simple meal at the refectory. Also who witnessed the event were some members of the Affiliated youth group of the Institute - The Rosarian Youth Movement.

CSD Supreme Moderator - Prof. Nestor Limqueco, OP, was vested with a dominican scapular by the Prior Provincial

  CSD Council Members in front of Bahay Dominiko - The Center of the Dominican Province of the Philippines.

The Company of Saint Dominic Secular Institute in front of Bahay Dominiko

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