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DLSU-Dasma Prof. Mervin Villalobos (left ) and Atty. Marwil llasos, OP (right) represented CSD in the OP Juniors Elective Chapter

Dominican Juniors (O.P. Juniors) held its Elective Chapter last June 20, 2010 at the Studentate AVR of Santo Domingo Seminary, Quezon City. The Chapter elected the new set of officers for the O.P. Juniors.
Those who are in their juniorate in the Dominican Family attended the Chapter. They include the friars, nuns and sisters of different Dominican congregations and fraternities of the Dominican Laity. As a new entity in the Dominican Family in the Philippines, the Company of Saint Dominic, a secular institute of consecrated life, also participated in the Chapter.

The Chapter acknowledged Atty. Marwil llasos, OP

The delegates of the Company of St. Dominic were professors Mervin A. Villalobos, O.P. and Marwil N. Llasos, O.P. Prof. Villalobos holds an MA in Guidance and Counseling and teaches at DLSU-Dasmariñas while Prof. Marwil N. Llasos is a lawyer from UP and a professor of law at CEU School of Law and Jurisprudence in Makati and also teaches law subjects in undergraduate courses at Siena College Quezon City. Prof. Llasos was initiated in the Company of St. Dominic last December 5, 2009.

Delegates from different Dominican Congregations

A Dominican Brother and Sister canvassing the votes

Juniors who were eligible to be elected must be professed for at least 2 years. While the delegates of the Company of St. Dominic were qualified to serve as electors in the Chapter, they were however ineligible to be voted upon considering that none of them has been professed for 2 years.
During the Chapter, Prof. Mervin introduced the Company of St. Dominic to the other members of the Dominican Family. He was postulated (nominated) for Public Information Officer but declined the postulation because he has not yet been initiated (professed) in the CSD.
The Company of St. Dominic was assigned to serve under the Committee on Social Concerns of the O.P. Juniors.
The new set of officers of the O.P. Juniors will hold office for one year.
The following were elected during the Elective Chapter:

Br. Roy Villaraza, OP and Sr. Anna Marie Francisco, OP were elected as Chairpersons of the Dominican Juniors’ Council after having obtained absolute majority in the second scrutiny.

Br. Hilario Sicat, OP and Sr. Ma. Isabel Bautista, OP were elected as Secretaries after having obtained an absolute majority in the second scrutiny.

Br.Stephanus Danang Dwi Atmoko, OP and Sr. Neville de Vera, OP were elected Treasurers after having obtained absolute majority in the third and second scrutinies, respectively.

Br. Arden Xerxes Dacuma, OP was elected Auditor after having obtained absolute majority in the first scrutiny.

Br. Carlito Datu, OP and Sr. Tessie Tomas, OP were elected as Public Relations Officers after having obtained absolute majority after the second and first scrutinizes, respectively.

Br. Junel Pedroso, OP and Sr. Bernardita Garcia, OP were elected as Logistics Officers after having obtained absolute majority in the first scrutiny

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